Crowle Market Place
North Lincolnshire

North Lincolnshire Council

Bauman Lyons, Leeds

Main Contractor:
Clugston Construction

Completed June 2010


Crowle Market Place

Crowle has undergone changes to re-establish the Market Place as the principal meeting space for the town thereby creating a focus for civic pride, to provide high quality public realm and create an attractive location for businesses and individuals to invest.

The area has been re paved with quality stone paving across the whole area unifying the space but different textures and sizes were used to differentiate areas.

As part of the scheme there is a simple attractive water feature. This consists of 9 foam effect jets with a maximum height of 1.2 metres and covers an area of 3 metres square. The jets emanate from individual high quality stainless steel grates set into the surrounding stone paving. The jets are illuminated at night with individual LED fittings all producing white light. Water is drawn from an underground GRP holding tank situated adjacent to the water feature jets. Water flows out of the jet nozzles and returns by gravity to the holding tank.

A plantroom building has been constructed to blend in with the existing local architecture and is located some 35 metres away from the water feature and contains all the complex mechanical an electrical equipment required to operate the water feature system. The system generally comprises of pumps, chemical treatment plant including sand filtration, automatic water top up system and a bespoke electrical control panel. The control system incorporates many features essential for public open space water displays including wind speed sensing to lower the jets in high wind conditions and a frost sensor for prolonged periods of cold weather.


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