Hemel Hempstead

Dacorum Borough Council

Broadway Malyan Ltd

Main Contractor:
Greenford Ltd

July 2016



A bronze sculpture of child gymnasts atop of a plinth encircled by granite cobbles forms the centre-piece of the New Town Square water feature. This plaza type water feature has replaced an existing feature as part of the upgrading of Marlowes Shopping Zone.

The water feature consists of 24 jets in two rings surrounding an existing statue which has been repositioned and mounted. The inner ring has 8 jets reaching a maximum height of 2m. The outer ring has 16 jets reaching a maximum height of 1m.

The 24 nozzles can be varied in height up by way of 24 individual DMX controlled submersible pumps located beneath the feature in a water holding matrix consisting of return water grates, pump pods and an interconnecting pipework system. Water for the jet pumps is stored in the stainless steel matrix. The grate and matrix system has been designed for both pedestrian and street cleaning machine loadings.

Each display jet has been installed with a LED colour changing light unit around the jet to provide an added visual impact. Each jet and light unit is capable of being DMX controllable.

As each jet and light are individually controllable this enables the feature to have a wide variety of sequenced displays involving chasing jets at varying heights as well as colour changing sequences.

An integrated entertainment system has also been installed to sequence the water jets and lights to some pre set musical compositions.

To create a different effect a misting system has also been incorporated which will emanate from each of the water return grates to create a different atmosphere around the statue when the jets are not running.


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